Jason and the Nucleonauts

A feature film concept I am developing under the flag of studioNICE and presented at Animation Production Day 2017 doing concept, artwork, modelling, rigging, rendering and compositing. Software: 3dsmax, V-Ray, After Effects Teaser was produced in three weeks with three artists: Website: http://www.nucleonauts.com

Article on Character Animation

I recently wrote an article on character animation stumbling blocks in 3ds Max. It is more a technical than an artistic take of that topic. Read it over at „stack“: http://stack-this.com/65-character-animation-stumbling-blocks-in-3dsmax

Hover Mom

A just for fun project I recently did with my friends from studioNICE. Software: 3dsmax, Corona Renderer, After Effects

im freien Fall – Charity Animation Short

A short movie I directed at studioNICE. Read the whole story: https://studioniceblog.wordpress.com/2015/06/19/im-freien-fall/ Software: 3dsmax, V-Ray

Serious Seal – Android App for Children

A small free to play casual game made with Unity3D. Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.studioNICE.seriousseal Software: Unity3D, 3dsmax

Landscape Rendering

Personal Project Software: 3dsmax, V-Ray, Laubwerk, ForestPack

„real,-“ Instorefilm

Animation to be shown in stores of „real,- Deutschland“ Software: 3dsmax, V-Ray

Disco Stu showing off some serious skills!

Self-promotional animation I did with studioNICE. Software: 3dsmax, Particle Flow Tools: Box#3, V-Ray

Pinguin Particle Party!

Some fun project I worked on for congaz. I was responsible for rendering pinguin and background and the particle effects. Software: 3dsmax, Thinking Particles, Hairfarm

studio NICE Grand Opening!

Please take a look at the brand new showreel of „studioNICE“, a place where I love to work at. I do rendering, lighting and scripting over there. http://www.studionice.de