Facial Animation Widget

When animating characters you will most likely want your skinned mesh to be frozen for that the animator does not unwillingly move it or select it all the time. But then you won’t have access to the morpher modifier to do your facial animation. If you don’t have time to build a Face UI this … Weiterlesen


My new script Flaps simplifies animation of flipping planes. This is an effect often used in motion graphics and quite time consuming when done by hand. Watch the video to see what it’s about. 1. Run script 2. Select a plane object. 3. Press „Initialize“ 3. Select the edge you want to rotate around 4. … Weiterlesen

La Ola!

Lo Ola creates wavelike delay motion. You define one master object and its slave objects. La Ola then links all the properties and modifiers you want via expression controllers. It does not create or copy any keyframes. Once set up you get direct feedback when you animate. Additional Info: Instruction: 1. Pick Master Object 2. … Weiterlesen

Spline Rig

A spline based rig. An alternative approach to using PathDeform with more control over twist and scale. 1. Create a straight Spline – every vertex on that spline will be a helper to control the position 2. Run Script 3. Pick Spline 4. Adjust X Y Z to align the orientation of the box to … Weiterlesen