Jason and the Nucleonauts

A feature film concept I am developing under the flag of studioNICE and presented at Animation Production Day 2017 doing concept, artwork, modelling, rigging, rendering and compositing. Software: 3dsmax, V-Ray, After Effects Teaser was produced in three weeks with three artists: Website: http://www.nucleonauts.com

Article on Character Animation

I recently wrote an article on character animation stumbling blocks in 3ds Max. It is more a technical than an artistic take of that topic. Read it over at „stack“: http://stack-this.com/65-character-animation-stumbling-blocks-in-3dsmax

Facial Animation Widget

When animating characters you will most likely want your skinned mesh to be frozen for that the animator does not unwillingly move it or select it all the time. But then you won’t have access to the morpher modifier to do your facial animation. If you don’t have time to build a Face UI this … Weiterlesen

Hover Mom

A just for fun project I recently did with my friends from studioNICE. Software: 3dsmax, Corona Renderer, After Effects

im freien Fall – Charity Animation Short

A short movie I directed at studioNICE. Read the whole story: https://studioniceblog.wordpress.com/2015/06/19/im-freien-fall/ Software: 3dsmax, V-Ray

Serious Seal – Android App for Children

A small free to play casual game made with Unity3D. Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.studioNICE.seriousseal Software: Unity3D, 3dsmax

Landscape Rendering

Personal Project Software: 3dsmax, V-Ray, Laubwerk, ForestPack

„real,-“ Instorefilm

Animation to be shown in stores of „real,- Deutschland“ Software: 3dsmax, V-Ray

Disco Stu showing off some serious skills!

Self-promotional animation I did with studioNICE. Software: 3dsmax, Particle Flow Tools: Box#3, V-Ray

Pinguin Particle Party!

Some fun project I worked on for congaz. I was responsible for rendering pinguin and background and the particle effects. Software: 3dsmax, Thinking Particles, Hairfarm